Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Advertising Assistant

We are living in the age of marketing and advertisement, anything that comes with an attractive packaging, is provided with strong marketing and able to grab customer’s attention makes the highest sales.  If you are going to pursue advertisement career as an advertisement assistant, there are various points to ponder.  Advertisement agencies don’t only require services in creative areas, but there are other supportive departments too which co-ordinates, and facilitate the projects supervisors and the departments involved.

Divisions in Advertisement Agency:
  The major departments in an advertisement agency includes, account services , media services, creative graphics and designing services, marketing and promotion services and production services.  The main responsibility of an advertisement assistant is to assist the department for which she/he is hired or to create a better communication and linkage between different departments involved in the advertisement project cycle.

Core Responsibilities:
The advertisement assistant is a part of project from its concept till completion, the project status report, communicating with the team members and the client, inputting data and maintaining records, bring innovative marketing and promotion ideas, conducting marketing research through internet, keep track of client’s requirements and responding queries are his/her core responsibilities.

Required Skills:
 An ideal candidate for advertisement assistant job should:
-Hold a high school diploma or graduate level degree in advertisement,
-Should be creative, decisive, sharp and posses plenty of innovative ideas.
-Should know how to deal with clients, specifically responding client’s queries
-Should have problem solving skills
-Should be aware with latest marketing and promotion techniques, product branding and consumer psyche
-Excellent written, verbal and communication skills
-Should work under stress, on several projects simultaneously as this is not a typical 9-5 office job.

The last but not the least, compensation packages for an advertisement assistant may vary from $21,000 to $28,000 usually; however it may be up to $60,000 depending upon the qualification and experience of the candidate and size of organization.

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