Saturday, November 19, 2011

Benefits of CRM- Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management
No matter you own a small or large business, you must have a lot of files, emails, data, numbers and figures, contacts, to do lists, projects, payments, clients, deals and leads to maintain.  With the fast pace technological advancements, each new day brings a tool for managing and organizing your business.  CRM which stands for Customer Relationship Management is a kind of tool designed to be a best fit for any kind of business in the market. It is smarter and lighter than the traditional ERP and SCM systems being implemented in most organizations. With the passage of time, entrepreneurs understand the importance of contact relationship management for their business in order to increase ROI and generate more leads converting them to deals.

Major Module:

The major modules in any system include:

·         Sales

·         Marketing

·         Purchasing

·         Manufacturing

·         Service

·         Stock Control

·         Reporting

·         Learning

·         Opportunities

·         Contacts

This is not necessary to implement all the modules, it depends upon each organization and business needs to choose and implement any module. It also depends upon the number of contacts that you have, because a huge list of contacts is difficult to maintain and it calls for a contact relationship management system to implement. The sales, marketing and Services modules are most commonly and widely implemented by any business. Let’s talk about the major modules and their benefits:

The Sales Module:

The sales module improves the performance of sales team particularly. It assist the sales team in increasing the sales mechanism, managing the leads, contact management, projects related data, project performance and even customer’s feedback, finally helps the sales executive and sales manager to maintain a proper, well organized sales data to prepare sales report and forecast their moves for increasing the ROI. It helps in hundreds and thousands of contact management by the sales staff.

The Marketing Module: 

The marketing module helps in maintaining and launching of short term marketing campaigns and planning of long term marketing targets. Marketing campaigns can be of two types, newsletter campaign or email marketing campaign. The system manages the data related to any particular sales, lead or prospects highlighting the areas where the marketing team needs to put more hard work. It saves time and effort and more focus is directed towards developing an impressive and up to the mark promotion to get the customer’s attention. Strengthen the contact relationship with the company and the marketing executive to take the client to next level of discussion where he/she decided to ask for product and company related information.

The Service Module:

This module brings improvement in the customer service management, service can be of any type, it can be a contract between the company and the contact, it can be warranty of any product or an agreement for the provided services. Where there are lots of projects, lots of products sold daily, or number of services that a business is providing, there are chances that a customer needs assistance in installing, using, distributing or operating a product or service. A CRM maintains all the product, service, project related data for quick review and reply to the contact within no time. 

          There can be a list of endless benefits and features of this system, to sum up it is a blessing to the entrepreneurs and the businesses today, providing graphical user interface, drag and drop, on click and flexible options for contact relationship management , improving contact relationship and increasing the customer satisfaction , generating more revenue cutting down the cost.

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