Sunday, December 4, 2011

How to Get Freelance Writing Job?

It is a new, easy and fun way for you to make money. It only takes a few steps to sign up for a website like,,, or and create a writer profile. Just setup profile, make portfolio, set up payment methods, and starts bidding. Within few weeks of setting up your genuine profile you will be getting response from employers.

The major drawback is the uncertainty of work and thus income, and lack of company benefits such as a pension, health insurance, paid holidays and bonuses. Many freelancers, especially in journalism, regard themselves as having greater income security through the diversity of outlets everybody can join. There are no limitations. The principle of Teams is very simple: the better your quality and efficiency, the more tasks become available for you.

Every freelance writing job needs its own cover letter, targeted clips and maybe even an individually arranged (for example, for an editing job, put your editorial work at the top, for a fiction job, put your published stories at the top, and for a corporate job, put your past corporate experiences at the top.

Even before clicking on all these juicy job leads, is to prepare for the competition. Take a look at these ways to beef up your writers resume, clips and website, and ways to get these things if you don't already have them. Next, go to work on all those job listings. In addition, check out other ways to get started and break into the writing field by networking, volunteering, using contractor sites, and meeting needs in your local market.

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