Sunday, March 25, 2012

How to Buy a Used Car?

Its a very interesting topic and most potential used car buyers are busy searching for tips and ways to save few hundred dollars. This is because the sales person are mostly smart and knows a million ways to fool the buyer, therefore the buyer with limited knowledge has no option but to go with the quoted price. Definitely the sales person keeps the profit margin and his own commission too ;)

Follow Simple Steps:

So how to save few bucks? It is a question still in your mind :

  • The first step is to take advantage from technology, when you can spend several hours updating your status on social network why not utilize it for a used car purchase. Google some good source to read about the attributes of car you are interested to buy. Enter proper model, make, year, colour etc. Once you are clear about the specifications of your desired car go to next step...

  • Now you are fully aware of your car's available make, models, colours and other attributes that most of the used car selling companies are offering, you should search and read about  price. Know the market price of your desired car. Explore Kelly Blue Book , Carfax and Edmunds kind of websites. You can also take help from car assessment company and pretend like you have to sell a car, as you have already got enough information you can surely pretend like this :D

  •  Choose between on-line used car selling company or offline source like individual or dealer. Whichever choice you make, be sure that you have to negotiate and bargain in both cases. So get ready!!

  • Finally you know price, specification and decided which source to buy, get in to the market, visit more than one on-line or offline source of used car selling and make a rationale decision. Do not rush, be patient and talk confidently with the seller. Once you gain his confidence instead of loosing yours, you will make a good deal ;)

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