Tuesday, July 26, 2011

How to add LinkedIn Profile Button?

You have a very good linkedIn profile which highlights your experience, achievements, skills, abilities your objective and everything about your career goals and your objectives. You have a good number of professional connects and you like to broadcast and share your activity with others. Do you ever think to promote your LinkedIn profile which is just like a resume'. a better visibility of your resume' , your brief introduction with the rest of the world. If you are a regular blogger then it is something a must to put on your blog, this way the like minded people will not only follow your posts but if they want to know more about you they can immediately switch to your public profile and can easily get a professional review.

It is a simple 4 to 5 step process which sometimes seems exhaustive and even impossible if you don't find the right   links to reach the profile badge page.

1- Open you LinkedIn profile page and click on edit profile link

2- On he profile editing page, look for your LinkedIn public profile URL and click a small edit link provided next to it.

3-At the bottom of right hand side box, look for Create LinkedIn Profile Badge text, click on it.

4-You will land to a page where different badge styles are displayed, pick a badge of your choice, and dimensions

5-Copy the code, given besides the badge picture and simple paste in the Java/HTML  code window of your Blog , save and preview your Blog!!!!

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