Thursday, July 21, 2011

How to add Facebook Like Box???

You must have visited a number of websites, Blogs and portals where you find a Facebook like box with the faces and even the Facebook page activity stream in it. Sounds interesting to add gadgets and widgets in your Blog and Website, as it is a very useful and highly recommended way of increasing likes, bringing in more fans and more prospects for your business. If you are still  not aware how to add a Facebook like box in your Blog or web page read on....

As you have already created a Facebook fan page and you update it regularly with notes, status, pictures and videos in order to grab your readers, visitors and fans attention. The next step is to convey your message to the rest of the world and invite internet users around the globe to join you, which will definitely give your brand more recognition and popularity.

This is equally important that you populate your Blog or web page with meaningful stuff which should be readable, informative and worth referring, Otherwise nobody would like to follow your Fan page and your effort will go in vain.

Let's begin the few step process of adding a Facebook like box in your Blog and Web page,

- Go to you Facebook Fan Page that you have created and you should have full administrative rights to edit it.
- Go to the edit page option
-On the left hand side navigation , look for Resources option
-Click on, " Use Social Plugin" option
-You will see a list of social plugin provided by Facebook, the first option is Facebook Like Box , click it.
-Here you will see a number of fields, to customize you Facebook Like Box , in the url box, add the url of your Facebook Fan Page, set the width, colour scheme, border.

- Check or Un-Check the show stream , show header and show faces options.

-Click the " Get Code" button and you will see a pop-up window containing two codes, IFrame and XFBML separated in two boxes. This is because some Blogs and websites allows Java scripts to be embedded while others allow IFrame codes.

-Copy the code and simply paste in the JavaScript, Gadget, IFrame window of your Blog or Webpage and you are done!!!

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