Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What is Directory Submission???

Directory submission is one of the most commonly used SEO technique , suggested and used by SEO experts since years. There are a number of directories available on internet to enlist your Blog or website, for Blogs submission one has to look for Blog directories and to submit website there are plenty of directory submission websites to pick.

The process of directory submission is simple and quick, it just requires the user to register by filling in proper information about the website which includes title, active link, description and tags, once the account confirmation email is sent to the defined email address and user confirms the submission , the website is sent to the directory admin for review and approval to be placed in the listings.Every directory is provided with a category, sub-category and sub- sub categories  sometimes to add the website to the most appropriate area, it is therefore suggested to choose the category and sub-category wisely for the product or service to get the desired results.

Directory submission do not work as quick as other SEO techniques, it requires patience to see your web page listed in the directory, most web directories takes 1-3 months to list the submitted web pages, while the high page rank directories publish the links within a week. Directory submission is not a one time task, nor it is enough to submit links in few directories and forget, it is a continuous process of submitting links to at least 30-50 directories every week.

Directory submission can be :
  • Free Submission
  • Reciprocal Link
  • Paid Submission
  • No Follow
  • Featured Listing
  • Bid For Position
  • Affiliate Links
  • Reviewing/Listing of Submitted Links
Some directories offer free submission and ask for reciprocal links in return, on the other hand paid directory submission do not restrict the user to paste any reciprocal link and works comparatively faster than free directories.


  1. Your article is good in sense of knowing what is directory submission but it is not telling which sites are good and actually work for this purpose.

    Moreover write some push start techniques and some guidelines for new starters.

  2. Thanks for your valuable comment, you are right , i will definitely work on it !!!

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  4. Yes thanks for sharing this great information. This is really informative to me...