Sunday, July 10, 2011

Google+ call for next big migration....

Social networks, a must to join, a must to keep one account at least and a must to update and follow your friends and family once a day, its just like an apple a day keeps a doctor away, modified, a updating  social network account a day keeps worries away :)

Well, the recent and most happening thing in the internet world is Google +, the most talk about and hot topic in youngsters and technology experts. So, what is Google+ exactly? Google+ is just another great achievement and innovation in the wonderland of Google products presented by Google gurus, it is just like Facebook or one can say a bit more flexible and modified form of Facebook. If you take a close look after joining Google+, you will come to know that the loopholes that Facebook had are filled by Google+.

The most exciting part in Google + is you can create circle of people you want to connect on this social network. It can be a circle of friends, a circle of family, a circle of aquantainces , it can be a circle of co-workers and even one can create a circle according to his/ her own tag and choice where he/she would like to gather and group a number of people. 

The circles allow the user to view the stream of updates from people belonging to a particular group, it will be a very neat , grouped and organized division of stream and a new experience for the user. Compare to Facebook where all the activity and streams from every connection is displayed on your wall randomly this will save time , increase readability and flexibility of use for the user.

Just like the pages on Facebook, twitter and other social networks Google+ offers interests to follow under the title of Sparks, you can follow as many interests as you like though there are not a very long list of available groups, pages  and interests but definitely it is going to be a bug library of pages, businesses and marketing stuff just like other platforms.

Integrating voice and webcam chat in Gmail was a remarkable step by Google, Hangout is the similar option , you can invite a group of people belonging to one of your circle to join your voice and webcam chat, this will be offered and visible to those only who are part of that circle others will not be able to participate in the chat.

Users are provided with a wall to share links, videos, change status with a slightly modified version of Facebook , Twitter, Linkedin etc, it allows you to limit the visibility to public, circles, or even particular contacts. Apart from webcam and voice chat, simple chat option is also available just like we do in gtalk as apart of Gmail.

There is a lot more to explore, i am sure this is going to be the next biggest migration in internet world, the way it was from Orkut to Facebook, millions of users are going to imigrate from Facebook to Google+..Just a prediction ;), otherwise Facebook has its own obsession, addiction and fun !!

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