Saturday, July 9, 2011

Lose Baby Weight Fast

Being a mother for women is as exciting as achieving one of her biggest goal of life. But of course where it’s a great feeling, it comes with a lot of responsibilities, challenges and some extra weight that you put on around your thighs, belly and in some cases arms. Well, this is really alarming for a woman to see herself out of shape and it calls for some remedies and efforts to fit herself back into her pre-delivery clothes. Most of the women are not willing to move, do exercise or any efforts to reduce the extra fat that is caused by pregnancy, it not only make them look fat but it can increase cholesterol level and can lead to other diseases. There are few simple steps to follow if you want to lose baby weight fastThey are:

-          The most common misconception is that, a woman to should take rest all the time after delivery. This is not true, taking rest doesn’t mean she should lay down on bed or sofa and shouldn’t move. A light exercise or walking around the apartment block, garden, patio, and corridor can make a difference and will help in burning some calories.

-          Mothers who breastfeed their child are more likely to reduce weight than those who prefer top feed. It is recommended by doctors and proved by scientific researches that breastfeeding mothers are able to burn 600-800 calories per day.

-          Watch your daily diet, add more proteins, vitamins, starch and whole wheat instead of junk food, dairy products, sweets and soda. Try using sugar-free sweets, drinks and milk if you really need to include them in your daily eating chart. Avoid eating meat for the first 9 days after delivery; though a mother needs good food intake and such things are tempting but they are fatty too therefore you have to control your eating habits.

-          In a case of cesarean, it will take a bit more effort and time but continuous exercise, control on diet and breastfeeding the baby will work out in the same way as for the woman who had normal delivery.

-          Don’t stress yourself thinking that you have put on a lot of weight and none of your efforts are working, stay calm, be patient and consistent and you will definitely be able to go back to your pre-pregnancy shape.

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