Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Are you on LinkedIn???

In the rapidly growing professional and social networks era, an individual no matter a student, employee, self-employed or even a freelancer owns multiple memberships to each  new platform that is introduced for networking and communication. These platforms not only creates connections and and expand one's social network, but also increases the chances of getting more leads or prospects for the business person, open doors to new opportunities for employees, a guide to career path and a road to enter into the job market for the students who start searching desperately for intern-ships during studies and for jobs as soon they passed out.
LinkedIn is one of those thousands of professional networks open for membership, which can be paid and free depending on the benefits and premium services one requires and would like to go for. We will talk about the free membership for this fastest growing and one of the most successful professional network.

The Free membership allows the user to join up to 50+  professional groups and to participate in the discussions by posting comments, posting promotions of product and services, to search for jobs in the particular group and start a new discussion for others to participate in it.

The first 500 connections are easier to make in the free membership, however to expand and grow your network and add more connections you have to be very active by starting discussions that are worth reading, creating new groups, joining groups and participating in other's discussions to be noticed and invited by the rest of members of the professional network.

The key to success on LinkedIn is to make your profile as detailed as you can, it should highlight everything from your educational background, work experience, expertise, specialities, awards and distinctions (if any) and anything  that makes you stand out of the crowed and get your profile notified at a glance.

There are few benefits for the paid members, like flexibility to join as many groups as they want, improved search results, enhanced profile search options and a premium member icon on their profiles. Still this is not necessary or hard and fast rule that you should get paid membership to be successful in your objectives for using the professional network, it depends  on your skills, abilities and smartness to utilize the limited options wisely and gain maximum possible results through it.


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