Sunday, August 14, 2011

I cant access my Gmail in Chrome

Stuck with gmail, you open your PC and typed in your favorite web browser chrome and its not working, you tried it several times but all go in vain and you end up exhausted, queue of important emails waiting for reply and action, updates from clients, queries to be responded, scheduled meetings and gmail not working. In a hassle of opening and checking mails at your earliest nothing seems to be working and no ideas come to mind, well solution is as simple as 1,2,3 ..

If some of you are faced with this bad luck, not to worry, you can still cope up and check your gmails as usual,simply type instead of in the address bar and here you go, landed to your gmail sign in page. Sometimes the problem is not solved by changing address, therefore a better option is to >>

-Sign in under the https 
-Clear the browser cache
-Delete Cookies
-Allow All Cookies
-Update system date and time

If even all above solutions dont work in your case, try using FireFox, IE, Opera or any other browser for time being just to make sure if there is not a problem with your Chrome installation!!

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